Monthly Report - October 2023

Monthly Summary & Stats


  • Website Visits: 1,940
  • Youtube Views: 6,340
  • Youtube Subscribers: 264 (+19)
  • Ads Spending: $136 USD

Major Updates

  • Started to do 10/min a day on social media to share knoweldge and mostly reply to others questions and tech related talks.
  • Paid for sparktoro to get audience breakdown to understand better where and how to get my content to the audience that i'm looking for. Starting following all of these people and websites that they hang out on so i can understand them better and connect in future.
  • Created linkedin and twitter/x community called "One Scales Community" which they can ask us anything. Linked to it on header of website as well.

Content Created

  • Website Articles: 10
  • Videos: 6
  • Subtitles: 6

Observations and Thoughts

  • Created a few articles that are not tech related. Want one scales to share all knowledge not only tech and marketing. Not sure how to put it all together yet.
  • Experimenting with released youtube video as premiered and the time i release it to get the most out of new videos.
  • Still want to improve thumbnails and youtube video names but still thinking about it. 
  • Want to push quicker and faster and thinking about SEO and Social Media (not the fastest but thats what i know from my past)

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