Monthly Report - August 2023

Monthly Summary & Stats


  • Website Visits: 133
  • Youtube Views: 4,512
  • Youtube Subscribers: 205 (+40)

Major Updates

  • Started Social Media Posts and Replies on Twitter, Linkedin
  • Improved Website (Navigation, Search, Added Structured Data and Embed Video on Bottom of Article (if exists))

Content Created

  • Website Articles: 7
  • Videos: 7
  • Subtitles: 7

Observations and Thoughts

  • Need to make sure that i have full backups on site. To do next month.
  • Wokring on traditional chinese subtitles for videos. Very time consuming and not much traction. Will continue for a few months to give it a chance.
  • Need to fix articles from last month as quality has a lot to improve. 
  • Thinking about making an email newsletter but placing on lower in todo list.
  • Want to automate the video on bottom of articles with a "don't like reading, view our video below box".

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