About Us

We Create Tutorials, How-To's and Share Insight about E-commerce, Web, Tech, AI, Shopify, Analytics, SEO, PPC, Marketing and More.

Our Goal Is To Make The World More Efficient Through Better Information, Multiply Efforts With Technology And Have Very Little Waste.

A Bit More.

We’ve been working in the web and technology industry for close to 20 years. We have a passion for sharing professional and personal knowledge and insights while making it very simple to understand.

We Create 3 Categories of Videos:

  • Tutorials and how-to’s from our professional world ranging from web, ecommerce, web marketing (i.e. seo, ads, analytics) and online tools and platforms (i.e. cloudflare)
  • Learning new technology, tools and concepts and explaining them simply (i.e. chatgpt)
  • Sharing a recent new skill, answer to a problem or knowledge gained and helping the next person learn it in a more efficient and quicker way


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