Monthly Report - July 2023

Monthly Summary & Stats


  • Website Visits: 78
  • Youtube Views: 3,650
  • Youtube Subscribers: 171 (+14)

Major Updates

  • Created Shopify Website for Content Creation Only (no ecommerce) - Purchased Theme, Customized it With 20 Hours of Developer to Fit Blogging/Content Requirements
  • Setup Social Media Accounts - Twitter, Linkedin
  • Brainstorm Social Media Strategy
  • Used Veed for Subtitle Creation for Youtuve Videos - took auto translation and corrected content

Content Created

  • Website Articles: 30 (first on site
  • Videos: 3

Observations and Thoughts

  • Realized that a website is needed to grow one scales and it's important to not only rely on one medium to grow content. Over the years we have too much reliance on google or google seo so it doesn't make sense to only rely on youtube which was the original idea of
  • Need to create more videos. Most of the month was spent on articles for website.
  • Used ChatGPT to take videos content and make them into articles.
  • Quality of articles are improving slowly one by one as chatgpt prompt is getting better (but slowly) and my style is being developed.
  • There's a lot to improve but all i need to do is slowly improve one small step at a time. Release more and don't make it perfect. Over the next months and years you will be on top. Release, listen and improve one step at a time.
  • While doing subtitles i realize i say too much "okay", "right?"  - need to improve on this.
  • Every few days, getting great comments on youtube - i know we're in the right direction.

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