Monthly Report - September 2023

Monthly Summary & Stats


  • Website Visits: 167
  • Youtube Views: 3,699
  • Youtube Subscribers: 241 (+36)

Major Updates

  • Decided to Run $3/day google ads to start promoting articles and get people to know about One Scales.
  • Using backups app to all site and content and saving on app and google drive.
  • Told friends about site and youtube channel.
  • Added auto method to add video to articles (don't want to read? click below to watch tutorial video)

Content Created

  • Website Articles: 6
  • Videos: 3
  • Subtitles: 3

Observations and Thoughts

  • Traditional chinese subtitles are still not showing promise. Will continue more and see where it goes.
  • Should be more systematic about content ideas. 
  • Need to create policies and terms onsite.

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