List of Apps and Software We Use

At One Scales, we pride ourselves on being transparent about the data and information we use. With that spirit in mind, we're excited to share a comprehensive list of the tools and software that keep our operations running smoothly. Our hope is that by sharing these tools, you can discover something new that might benefit your own ventures. Below you'll find a list of categories, and under each, the specific tools we use along with a brief explanation of how we employ them. Additionally, we've highlighted some key features and tips that might prove beneficial to you.

Note: The tools and services listed have an extensive range of features, many of which we may not cover here. Our focus is on the most prominent ways we utilize them.

Apps & Software List [Updated 09/2023]

Content Ideas and Research: ChatGPT

  • Cost: Paid
  • Description: An AI chatbot that understands and speaks in regular language with knowledge of the entire web.
  • How We Use It: Brainstorming, research, article outline, sample code and idea generation.
  • Tip #1: Pay for the Plus version to upload files, allowing ChatGPT to better understand your content and data.

    Domain Registration: Cloudflare

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description:  A web company that provides content delivery network (CDN) services, DDoS mitigation, and Internet security.
    • How We Use It: Domain registration and DNS management for
    • Tip #1: Cloudflare is the cheapest domain registrar that we have found.
    • Tip #2: Cloudflare has great firewall and speed optimization features that can be enabled with just clicks. 

    Drive Storage, Docs, Worksheets, Slides: Google Drive

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: A cloud-based storage platform from Google, allowing users to store, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and other files.
    • How We Use It: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are our primary tools for documentation. We also store our docs and backups in drive.
    • Tip #1: Save document templates to quickly generate new files.
    • Tip #2: Use Google Sheets as a public API (read more) at no extra cost.

    Email: Google Workspace

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description: A suite of cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools from Google, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and more.
    • How We Use It: Used for our accounts as well as full email provider.
    • Tip #1: Creating new aliases is a breeze, allowing for multiple email addresses.
    • Tip #2: The scheduled send feature is great for reminders.
    • Tip #3: Save time by using email templates for repeated responses.

    Design & Image Editing: Canva

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: An online design platform that allows users to create visual content such as presentations, social media graphics, and more using drag-and-drop tools.
    • How We Use It: Creating article banners and youtube thumbnails as well as small edits for our images.
    • Tip #1: Use their ready-made templates for banners, YouTube thumbnails, or any other specific needs.

    Meetings and Video Chat: Google Meet

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: A video conferencing tool by Google that facilitates virtual meetings and collaborations.
    • How We Use It: Video meetings as well as recordings of meetings.
    • Tip #1: With a professional paid Google Workspace account, you can record meetings and save them directly to Google Drive.

    Outsourcing Tasks: Fiverr

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description: An online marketplace for freelance services, connecting businesses with freelancers offering digital services.
    • How We Use It: Using freelancer help for minor design, writing, editing, and research tasks.

    PR: EINPressWire

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description: A press release distribution platform that helps organizations publish and distribute their news to media outlets.
    • How We Use It: Sending PR about One Scales new updates.

    Payments: Stripe, Paypal

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: Online payment processing platforms for internet businesses, offering payment solutions and tools for e-commerce.
    • How We Use It: Sending and receiving payments for business.

    Security: Google Authenticator

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: An app by Google that generates two-step verification codes on your phone, enhancing account security.
    • How We Use It: 2FA for all accounts  
    • Tip #1: Always enable 2FA for enhanced account security.
    • Tip #2: Use unique and complex passwords for each account.
    • Tip #3: Export and back up your codes to an offline device to ensure you don't get locked out.

    SEO Keyword Tracker: Serprobot

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description: A tool for checking search engine ranking positions for specific keywords across various search engines.
    • How We Use It: Monitor keyword ranking changes and export to CSV for work in Google Sheets.

    Serverless Basic Code: Cloudflare Pages

    • Cost: Free
    • Description: A platform by Cloudflare for deploying, hosting, and collaborating on JAMstack websites.
    • How We Use It: Hosting our tools with their html, js and css.

    Servers: Linode

    • Cost: Paid
    • Description: A cloud hosting provider offering virtual private servers and related infrastructure services.
    • How We Use It: Hosting custom code.  
    • Tip #1: Remember to enable backups for data recovery.

      Tasks: Notes (Mac)

      • Cost: Free
      • Description: Apple's native application for creating, managing, and synchronizing notes across macOS and iOS devices.
      • How We Use It: For our daily note-taking and to-do lists.  
      • Tip #1: Share access to allow collaboration with others.

      Travel Insurance: Genki

      • Cost: Paid
      • Description: Monthly Travel Insurance.
      • How We Use It: Travel insurance when on business trip.

        Video Transcription: Veed

        • Cost: Paid
        • Description: An online video editing platform that provides tools for adding subtitles, cutting video, and more.
        • How We Use It: Edit videos and auto transcribe to english for SRT subtitles.

        Website: Shopify

        • Cost: Paid
        • Description: A leading e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage their own online stores.
        • How We Use It: Shopify is our website platform with no need to manage servers.
        • Tip #1: It's not just for e-commerce websites! See
        • Tip #2: The theme editor and third-party apps make your website require very little developer hours.

        Wireframes: Excelidraw

        • Cost: Free
        • Description: An open-source, hand-drawn-like virtual whiteboard tool for sketching diagrams, layouts, and more.
        • How We Use It: Wireframes and visualize ideas.
        • Tip #1: Save copies of your sketches to use as future templates.

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