Can I Block ChatGPT From Using My Content?

Can I Block ChatGPT From Using My Content?

Blocking ChatGPT from using your website content is a concern for some of you. While some aspects can be controlled, others may be beyond reach. Here's a breakdown of what can be done:

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1. Preventing Past Usage

  • Unfortunately there's not much to do: If ChatGPT has already crawled your site, the information has likely been crawled and already within their product/service.
  • Removing personal information via form: You can request removal of personal information by filling out a specific form at (it's located in their privacy policy section 4. Rights.)
  • Settings in App: Adjust settings in your ChatGPT app to control usage and limit. Use the button to turn off "Chat history & Training - Save new chats on this browser to your history and allow them to be used to improve our models."

2. Preventing Future Usage

3 Others

  • Deleting account: You may choose to delete your ChatGPT account to completely exclude your interactions.

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