Does Google Like AI Generated Content for SEO and Publishing?

Does Google Like AI Generated Content for SEO and Publishing?

AI-generated content has gained traction in recent years especially from 2022, but what does Google think about it? Especially when it comes to SEO and publishing.


Google released search guidelines in February 2023 clarifying its stance on AI-generated content. The crux of the matter is quality. Google is not against AI-generated content. Whether the content is created by humans, AI, or a mix of both, what matters most is the quality. High-quality content, according to Google, should provide a good user experience and abide by the principles of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).


Automated content like weather updates, game scores, etc., that are based on sensors and data, are examples of AI-generated content that Google appreciates. If the content you produce, either through AI or manually, is valuable and of high quality, then Google is fine with it.


However, if you create low-quality content intended to manipulate search results, whether it's human-made or AI-generated, Google will likely penalize it.

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Detailed Points

  1. Choose the Right Tools: Select AI tools that are known for generating high-quality content. Chat GPT, for example, can be used for generating ideas or summaries.

  2. Focus on Quality Over Quantity: Always focus on creating content that provides value to the user. It should be insightful, well-written, and abide by the E-A-T principles.

  3. Monitor User Engagement: Keep an eye on how users are interacting with your content. Are they finding it useful? Are they coming back for more? This is a good indicator of how Google will view your content as well.

  4. Stay Updated with Google's Guidelines: Keep yourself updated with Google’s latest search guidelines. As AI technology evolves, so will the guidelines.

  5. Don’t Manipulate Search Results: Avoid creating content with the sole purpose of manipulating search results. This includes keyword stuffing, creating low-quality content for backlinks, etc.

  6. Attribution (Optional): While it’s not mandatory to attribute AI as the author, in certain cases where it's required by specific guidelines or platforms (such as Google News), make sure to include it.

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