Skipping The Scary Parts of Wish Movie

Skipping The Scary Parts of Wish Movie

This article shares the parts that we skip when we watch "Wish" (2023) [1 hour 39m] with our 2-year-old.


Note: It’s the 2023 version we see on Disney Plus. Depending on your needs and kids, you may have other parts you want to skip or not. This is just our take and you should consider what's right for you and your family.

Parts we Skip (with Timestamps)

  1. 29:10 - 29:51 - Shining Light (Star) Appears and Magnifico Feels Threatened
  2. 37:18 - 39:06 - Magnifico Trying to Find Out What Shining Light Was and Looking Into Dark Magic
  3. 49:43 - 53:30 - Back in Castle and Angry about Townspeople
  4. 54:27 - 56:36 - Magnifico Angrily Arrives to Asha's House and Asha Running Away
  5. 58:16 - 1:03:42 -  Magnifico Reading from Dark Magic Book and Controlling Townspeople
  6. 1:08:43 - 1:09:31 - Magnifico Squishing Wishes and Taking Power to Himself
  7. 1:10:21 - 1:18:21 - Magnifico is After Asha & Star Plus Captures Them and Townspeople

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