Solving Adobe Creative Cloud Error Code 1

Solving Adobe Creative Cloud Error Code 1

Experiencing an error with Adobe Creative Cloud on your Mac, especially after migrating to a new system? This article will guide you through a solution for Error Code 1 that I found quite useful.

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Example of the Issue

I had an old Mac laptop with an Intel processor and recently purchased a new one with an M2 processor. After using Mac's migration tool to transfer data from the old to the new laptop, I encountered Error Code 1 with Creative Cloud which rendered it unusable.


After talking to support and going through help pages without success, I finally stumbled upon a solution. The issue seemed to be a software corruption due to the change in processors. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix Adobe Creative Cloud Error Code 1:

    Detailed Steps and How to Use / Setup / Go Through the Steps

    1. Check Connectivity: Make sure that the issue is not with connectivity. Check for firewalls, VPNs, Chrome extensions, or ad-blockers that might be blocking the connection to Adobe servers.

    2. Create a New User Account: On your Mac, go to System Preferences, search for Users & Groups and create a new account.

    3. Log Out and Log In: Log out of your current account and log in with the new account you just created.

    4. Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud: While logged in as the new user, follow this link to the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool, select the appropriate version for your Mac, download and install it. This tool will uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud.

    5. Log Out and Log In as Main User: Log out of the new user account and log back into your main account.

    6. Reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud: Now that you’re logged in with your main account, reinstall Adobe Creative Cloud. It should work fine now.

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