Top Sites and Their DMARC Policy

Top Sites and Their DMARC Policy

DMARC in 2024 came as a surprise to most. While most websites scrambled to figure it out and implement it, so did we.


This article is a very short one. All we did was check many of the top websites online and see what policy they chose to use. (none, reject or quarantine)


  1. Sites Checked - 198
  2. None Policy - 30 (15.15%)
  3. Reject Policy - 118 (59.60%)
  4. Quarantine Policy - 50 (25.25%)



  • Always Do Your Own Research: Every site, business and situation is different. Do you own research, study well and think carefully before blocking bots. The data in this article are for reference only.

The Full Website Research Data

Below is the link to view the full data. The sheet includes 2 tabs:

View Full Data Sheet

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