Email Explainer: We’re changing how your conversion data will be used

Email Explainer: We’re changing how your conversion data will be used

If you've received an email titled "We’re changing how your conversion data will be used" from Google Merchant Center and not sure what it means or what to do next, this article is for you.

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Is It Relevant To Me?

It is relevant for most online stores that use Google Merchant Center.


If you have a Shopify store then it's relevant to you. (99% chance you submitted your products to Google Merchant center and submit conversions)


If you are not sure then visit and see if you have an account and products inside. Then visit and check if you have a setup conversion. If you have the two, then it is relevant to you.

Simple Explanation

Google from May 2024 will start using your conversion data to enhance their search results on Google shopping and shopping ads to also use a tag, sticker or text to show how popular a store or product is. For example, next to your product their might be a tag or text saying "1K shopped here recently"

What Should I Do?

There's no action needed if you ok with this which is fitting 99.99% of stores.


If you are not ok with this, you can opt out by visiting Google Merchant center -> Settings -> Conversion settings and unchecking the box labeled "With numeric annotation turned on, you allow Google to use your numeric conversion data to showcase your store's popularity to customers. This includes features that may display specific conversion numbers. For example "1K+ shopped recently". 

Still Not Sure What To Do?

Comment in the comment box below and ask your question. We're here to help out.

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