Advertiser Verification Walkthrough on Google Ads

Advertiser Verification Walkthrough on Google Ads

To ensure uninterrupted advertising, it's crucial to promptly complete the "Advertiser Verification" process for your Google Ads account. Starting from mid-September 2023, verification has become mandatory for many advertisers. As an added perk, verified accounts can also display their company name and logo in the sitelinks of their ads.


All you have to do is go to , click on Tools and Settings -> Billing -> Advertiser Verification and follow the steps.


For those of you who want to see the full steps, check at the below:


1. Login to Google Ads Account

Go to and make sure your logged into your Google account that manages your ads.

2. Click on Advertising Verification

Tools and Settings -> Billing -> Advertiser Verification

3. Follow All Steps

Step 1 - Start Verification

Step 2 - Tell About Your Business

Fill in the relevant answers to your business.


Step 3 - Verify Business and Address


Step 4 - Enter Organization Name and Address


Step 5 - Submit Documents

Any of the below are permitted - CP 575, EIN, Form 8871,8872, 990, Business Registration, SEC Filing (10-K, 10-Q, 8-K), Business Credit Report


Step 6 - Submission Success

4. Wait 3-5 Business Days

Wait for Confirmation Email

6. (optional) Add Company Name and Logo to Sitelinks

For Search Campaign Sitelinks, Go to Campaign -> Ads & Assets -> Click on Add (+) -> Create Business Name and Logo to Be Used in Your Ads


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