Grow Your Service Business with Services as a Product (MVP Launch in 1 Week)

In this enlightening episode of One Scales, we share the reasons why your service business company will want to add new services as a product and discuss how to release one quickly and grow it.


We guide you through the nuances of automating and scaling your services, what to think about and crafting efficient workflows and essential tools you want to know about, as well as iterative feedback and optimization processes.


Our Slides:

PDF File

Our Slides:

  • What is a Service as a Product?
  • Service as a Product Examples
  • Find Service Idea
  • Pricing and Profits
  • Website & Content
  • Ensure Automation/Scaling Built into System
  • Build Flows (Asana & Zapier)
  • Launch Quickly and Sell
  • Get Feedback, Adjust & Optimize
  • Grow Business
  • Bonus

Transcription of Audio

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