Skipping The Scary Parts of The Lion King

Skipping The Scary Parts of The Lion King

This article shares the parts that we skip when we watch "The Lion King" (1994) [1 hour 33m] with our 2-year-old.


Note: It’s the 1994 version we see on Disney Plus. Depending on your needs and kids, you may have other parts you want to skip or not. This is just our take and you should consider what's right for you and your family.

Parts we Skip (with Timestamps)

  1. 04:38 - 07:15 Scar Missed Presentation of Simba
  2. 11:25 - 13:14 Scar Chat with Samba
  3. 18:07 - 22:54 Simba in elephant graveyard and hyenas
  4. 25:31 - 40:56 Scar and Hyenas meeting + Stampede
  5. 48:17 - 50:04 Scar and Hyenas with Captured Zazu
  6. 54:04 - 55:12 Nana Chasing Pumba
  7. 1:10:05 - 1:21:00 Simba’s Challenge of Scar and Hyenas

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