8 Ways PPC Experts Leverage AI

8 Ways PPC Experts Leverage AI

2023 has been a remarkable year for AI and Machine Learning, and tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and others have become integral in our daily workflows.


This article aims to share with you ideas on how AI can be used to enhance your ad campaigns.


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  • We recommend to use the paid ChatGPT plan, allowing to input a CSV of data to be analyzed.
  • Make sure to provide in the prompt the outcome you are looking for (for example - provide 10 audiences that have high commerce value and are related to my cateogory "x" OR i want a keyword list that perform worst than average)
  • It's crucial to remember that you may need to anonymize, modify, or omit certain data before inputting it into AI systems, in accordance with your company's policies, legal requirements, and privacy standards.

Analyzing Your Reports and Data

1. Provide Best and Worst Traffic & Conversions

Identify the most and least effective aspects of your traffic and conversion data, aiding in more targeted campaign adjustments.

2. Analyze Traffic Via GA4 Data

Utilize Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to delve deeper into traffic patterns and user behaviors, extracting actionable insights.

Organize Campaigns and Ad Groups

Efficiently categorize and structure campaigns and ad groups based on keyword analysis, enhancing overall campaign organization and focus.

Writing Copy for Ads and Assets

Craft compelling ad copy and assets that resonate with your target audience, using AI to optimize language and messaging.

Create Images/Banners/Videos

Design visually appealing images, banners and videos tailored to your campaigns, leveraging AI's creative capabilities.

Create Audiences to Target and Remarket

Use AI to segment and create specific audiences for more effective targeting and remarketing strategies.

Competitor Research

Conduct thorough competitor research, analyzing their ad strategies to inform and enhance your own campaigns.

Build Monthly Report

Compile comprehensive monthly reports on campaign performance, utilizing AI for data analysis and presentation.

Connecting Campaign Changes to Account Performance

Track and report on historical account changes and their impact, using AI to correlate actions with outcomes and measure efficacy.

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