Keyword Data on Performance Max Google Campaigns

Keyword Data on Performance Max Google Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns on Google Ads are one of the best converting ads i've seen in a long time. The major downside of this type of campaign is that you don't have much control and don't see where your ads are showing online.

Finally Google has added a way to see your search term and keyword data via the backend of Google ads via the Insights tab/page.

Don't Feel Like Reading? We Made a Video Explaining the Full Details of the Topic. Click Here to Scroll Down to The Video

All you have to do is:

  1. Visit your Google Ads Account or Specific Performance Max Campaign
  2. Click on "Insights" tab on left
  3. Scroll down to "Consumer spotlight" and "View Detailed Report".

If you would like, you can export and use for other Search Campaign or SEO purposes.



View Entire Topic Via Our Youtube Walkthrough:

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