The #1 Way to Improve Your Performance Max Google Ads

The #1 Way to Improve Your Performance Max Google Ads

Performance Max (PMax) campaigns are an excellent strategy for business growth. At One Scales, we have extensive experience running these campaigns across various sectors, including e-commerce, B2C, B2B, and educational services. A common misconception is that there's limited scope for optimization in PMax campaigns, focusing mainly on content aspects like descriptions, videos, and images. While these are important, they overlook a critical element, which we'll explore in this article. We'll share our successful strategy and how you can implement them.

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The Key: Separate Settings by Campaigns

The fully automated nature of PMax campaigns means that the distribution, keywords, and sites remain beyond your direct control and we can't see their data. To effectively gauge which segments are profitable and which aren't, the key is to split your main campaign into multiple, focused campaigns, each with a distinct single setting and budget. This approach might result in managing 4-10 different campaigns, but will allow you to closely monitor the performance and conversions of each one as well as make better adjustments.


Note: Failing to separate these campaigns can lead to inefficient spending. For instance, if you run a combined USA/Canada competitor, remarketing, and interest campaign, it's difficult to pinpoint which audience setting is effectively converting and which is wasting money.

1 Country (or Location), 1 Signal

Example #1: Competitor Campaign - Set up for the USA, targeting only people who browse specific types of websites, such as competitor URLs. (specify no other signal targeting)
google ads pmax competitor setup
Example #2: Remarketing Campaign - Set up for the USA, targeting only people who have visited your website (using data shared from Google Analytics [GA4]). (specify no other signal targeting)
pmax ga4 audience
Example #3: Interest Campaign - Set up for Canada, targeting only "People with any of these interests or purchase intentions" that match your keyword. (specify no other signal targeting)
pmax online interest setup

Moving forward: All you need to do is create one campaign correctly and then duplicate via google ads and adjust the audience signals. Duplicate campaigns takes minutes.

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