Shopify Collections and Sub-Collections Explained

Many people ask about the connection between Shopify Collections and Sub-Collections (aka categories and sub-categories). This article and video explains what you need to know and a common setup for your Shopify store.

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Shopify Default

  1. Shopify does not have a way in the backend to connect 2 collections.
  2. Therefore you must have your own organization and logic and LINK between the collections via the navigation and inside the collection pages.


  1. Use a Google sheet and create your logic and hierarchy (the levels and connections between collections and sub collections)
  2. Create them as standalone collections in Shopify backend -> Products -> Collections.
  3. Create the logic in your navigation in header and footer. Visit Shopify backend -> Sales Channels -> Online Store -> Navigation and create levels of Collections by dragging them a bit to the right
  4. Edit your theme via Customize and create a new Collection theme template and add the "section" called "Collection List". Associate your sub-collections and save. Once you do this, edit your collection and change the theme template to your newly saved template and save.
  5. Lastly, link to sub collections from any other relevant pages on your collections and site.


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