Updating Shopify App URLs: The Critical Step You Might Be Overlooking

Updating Shopify App URLs: The Critical Step You Might Be Overlooking

When managing a Shopify app, it's not uncommon to find the need to change its URLs for various reasons such as rebranding, reorganization, or transfer of ownership. However, there's a crucial step in this process that can be easily overlooked.

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Let’s say you've decided to rebrand your app. You change all the URLs in the app settings, thinking that you have covered all the bases. However, you start to notice that your webhooks are not functioning properly. This is because you forgot to update the URLs for your webhooks!


Alongside changing URLs in the app settings, make sure you don’t overlook updating the URLs of your webhooks. Webhooks are vital in communicating with your app, and it is essential to keep them functioning with the correct endpoints. You need to utilize APIs to modify your existing webhooks to ensure they are using the new URLs. This is not a complicated step, but a critical one!

Key Takeaways

  • Whenever you are updating URLs in Shopify app settings, always remember to also update the URLs in your webhooks.
  • You must use Shopify APIs to modify the webhooks. You cannot use the backend of your developer account.
  • Have your token at hand as it is required in updating the webhooks through APIs.
  • After updating, verify by listing and retrieving the webhooks to ensure that the changes have been implemented successfully.

Detailed Steps on How to Update Webhook URLs

  1. Log in to your Shopify partner account and navigate to the app whose URLs you need to update.
  2. In the app settings, change all the URLs to the new ones as required.
  3. Now, for updating the webhooks, you'll need your token. Make sure you have it.
  4. Use Shopify's API to modify your existing webhooks (see url at https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-04/resources/webhook#put-webhooks-webhook-id) . This is done by making an API call to the relevant endpoint, including your token.
  5. Ensure that you change the URLs for all the relevant webhooks.
  6. After updating, make another API call to retrieve a list of webhooks. Verify that the URLs have been successfully updated to the new ones.


Changing URLs in your Shopify app settings is a relatively common task, but it’s crucial not to overlook updating the webhooks. Remember, webhooks are essential in ensuring your app communicates effectively. Utilize Shopify’s API with your token, update the webhook URLs, and verify them to ensure that everything is aligned with your new structure. This simple but important step will save you from unexpected issues down the road.

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